Kundali Bhagya 16th August 2022 Today Episode Written Update

Arjun has crossed all limits, after getting drunk, Arjun has demanded Preeta, which is completely recruited by Preeta, Karan again means that Arjun has married but now Preeta is also going to take the biggest step here Against what is she going to do now? 

What will be shown in the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya, all the special things are going to be told in full detail. 

First of all I want to tell you in the upcoming episodes, friends, you will get to see this in the upcoming episodes. 

Rishabh and father Joe Hai will be seen coming closer to each other where they will be seen fighting with Rishabh to keep everyone's respect. Peeta M will rather show it to everyone, she will be seen showing it with a family and seeing all this, somewhere Arjun Suryavanshi will be seen walking. 

Will be seen asking Arjun whether he has not fallen in love again or has spent his time? After this, he will be seen saying about the father that no no, I will love the one who betrayed me with love. This cannot happen at all. Whatever it is, he will be seen saying, but somewhere he loves who he is, then it happens. 

And when she tells all the things about Srishti and at the same time she says that I am missing Karan very much, then every day he is listening to all these things. Friends, will it be here now, will it happen here, it will be shown that the meaning of complete marriage is just a show off, but the form is Rishabh and father will have to perform that.

 Whatever he will be seen doing in front of all the people and when he is seen doing it, then there will be a big problem and Arjun, who is there, will open the bottle of liquor and wake up to Daga. 

He who is afraid will drink and there is a lot of four five, he will make and he will drink. Completely intoxicated will become so much that what he is doing, what he is not doing. He won't understand anything. 

Now he is about to get married, is going to call Preeta and will forcefully convince the father that for expensive reason and Karan who is here will marry Preeta, now Preeta is also here and she believes that she will not know from the truth So it will be seen saying that I am against you in the police station right now. 

That complaint will be seen taking these steps, Preeta, now listening to Peeta's words, Arjun Suryavanshi is going to say that yes you will call the police, call the one you want to call because now here Arjun Suryavanshi can also bear anything. 

But he cannot see his wife with anyone else, be it and what is inside his heart is so full of poison that the poison that is there is becoming a different type of city which is interesting and beautiful to see. is also . 

So it will be more interesting for you to see what is going to come and how Kavya is going to tell the truth here, if I do it in front of them, then this will be shown slowly.

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