Kundali Bhagya 21th August 2022 Today Written Episode Update

Well friends, we are here with the update of the new head of Kundali Bhagya, a new promo has come out in front of all of you viewers, showing that Preeta's life is in danger. 

Now who will save Preeta's life, one side is Rishabh who was seen supporting Preeta in trouble and on the other hand it is Arjuna Suryavanshi, whose horoscope has introduced Preeta to Peeta. Is . 

Now who will save, let us tell you in today's special report. In the coming episodes. As we know that the people who are Prithvi, gracious and goons are present in the party itself. 

Rishabh and Preeta are present at the party and those people who are will not be seen attacking but will try to spoil the party as a whole. And all the towers and all the mobile networks that are there, they will completely eliminate all the twerk that is there so that no person who is with the policemen can not call. 

After this you will get to see that the goons who are there, one goon who is there will catch Rishabh, one goon will catch Shakti and the other goon who is ie Prithvi Prithvi. The humanity that is, will catch Preeta and give tons of guns while keeping a knife on her father's neck and at the same time will say that he will be seen threatening a lot. 

Trying to take revenge. But now Rishabh who is here will not be able to stop himself and will go to save himself from the goons and save Peeta and Karan is also going to go here. Karan will also reach by risking his life i.e. 

Arjun Suryavanshi will also risk his life. After Preeta, you are going to reach Rita and try to save Rita, now the question will be running in your mind that who will save, Rishabh will save or Karan will be saved, then friends want to tell you this source, get this information from this It has been said that Karan is the only one to save Preeta. 

So what will happen to Rishabh now? So what is going to happen to Rishabh and what is going to happen to Rishabh and why Rishabh is being shown in this way, then I want to tell you friends, the main hero and main heroine of Kundali Bhagya are Rishabh, Preeta and Karan is here. . 

Now both have to show forward and also show the love between the two. So now here the father's life has to be saved. No one else will be seen but will be seen. 

Here only Karan will save and at the same time Karan is going to reveal what is there. In front of all the family members, I am your Karan and while admitting this, I will also be seen revealing that it is because of me that you have got this condition. Now the tears of regret in this way are going to cry. 

Karan as well as being emotional, he will break emotionally badly and will not understand how to save. Although he will completely defeat the goons by fighting with the goons, but by then the father would have been attacked. The father must have been attacked and the life of the father must have been at risk. 

Friends, the trophy is like this and will be shown in future. This is what is being shown in the promo. It will be more interesting to see what is going to happen now and you mean this episode. What do you think about this update? You must tell us this thing through the comment

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