Kundali Bhagya 26th August 2022 Episode Written Update

Arjun means that he is about to swing in the arms of Karan. Preeta Rishabh is going to get the biggest blow as well as Arjun will be seen kissing Suryavanshi's cheeks. Preeta. 

Now how will all this happen and how will it happen, how will Preeta's heart be filled with hatred for Arjun and how will Pritam come closer to Arjuna so soon. Let us tell you the whole thing but. 

In the upcoming episodes, first of all I want to tell you that the goons who are goons will be completely gone. The Luthra family will be able to defeat them completely and in such a situation, Rishabh will get hurt more and Preeta Peeta will be seen smiling while applying ointment on Rishabh's injury. 

Where Rishabh will be seen saying that in a short time Arjun who is very close to our heart has become the favorite of our house. To the family and to the Luthra family. After listening to all these things, Preeta will be seen saying that yes there is a Luthra family, so good anyone can come. 

If any enemy comes, she makes him her own. After this Preeta goes to Arjun and as soon as she touches Arjun, as soon as she tries to heal his injury, Preeta feels the biggest shock Preeta feels that Karan is around her and Arjun is the only one. It's Karan.

 Whatever this thing is, he will be seen thinking and at the same time, Arjun Suryavanshi will be seen saying that there is a face part to give you pain, will you be seen saying what this thing is. After this Preeta will be completely lost in Arjuna's thoughts. 

So much will be lost in the thoughts of Arjuna that what has happened to the lion as much as he has with Karan. Meaning, the way both of them are mischievous on the same bed together, they are remembering all the mischief of them. There is no relation with Rishabh. 

This thing of Preeta is also known to all of you viewers and as soon as it means that all these things that you have started remembering, now with touching, now the feeling will deepen and at the same time the feeling will be so strong here. It will be so strong that Preeta is going to feel restless on herself and at the same time, whatever laughter nights she has spent with Karan. 

All the laughter of all those nights, all the laughter of all that is before. Family thak thak is completely coming friends inside Preeta's heart and Arjun Suryavanshi also does it here with Preeta but he will not be able to do it at all. And seeing all this, Anjali is there. 

The water is going to be completely roasted to ashes and along with their existence soon, whatever is there, she is going to do all the work here. Prayas will try to provoke Arjun against Preeta and here is the relationship between Rishabh and Preeta and is going to show some such picture which will give a new twist. 

Kundali bhagya ko toh ye bada tha dhamaka boss bada turning point which is all you viewers will get to see friends updates of the upcoming episodes which is making great sound. Friends, how much are you excited to see the upcoming episodes. You must tell us this thing by commenting.

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