Kundali Bhagya 29 August 2022 Episode Written Update

Kareena, Bua and Preeta are about to come face to face. There is going to be a big fight between Kareena bua and Peeta regarding Rishab as well as Arjun Suryavanshi. 

Where Kareena Bua Jo Hai will be seen getting very angry. The same Preeta is also going to say a lot to Preeta. Kareena is going to give a huge state mint to her aunt as well as Arjun Suryavanshi in front of everyone. 

Now what is going to happen, in the special upcoming episode, let us tell you the whole thing. In the upcoming episode, first of all I want to tell you that friends Arjun Suryavanshi and Anjali who are going to leave their home.

 After which Kareena is going to say that whenever I see Rishabh and Arjun in such a way that I feel that Rishab has got a younger brother. Whatever this thing is, he will be seen saying. After which Preeta will get more angry with this and Peeta will be seen saying to Kareena bua that how can you even think like this and can never take Karan's place. 

Arjun Suryavanshi Arjun Suryavanshi is completely the face of Karan and will be seen saying this and at the same time he is going to say that here, how can you even think about this thing that is big yes why is there going to be a big fight Is gonna Kareena happened here and now we want to tell you about Peeta, friends, all the family members, that is, the mother, Kareena, the grandmother and the father who is here. 

Mahesh has descended to those who are now slowly. It seems that there is definitely some connection between Reshav and Arjun and there is definitely some non-existent between Arjun and Arjun and here the father is feeling again and again. 

But who is the father, he is becoming a victim of misunderstanding again and again and that's why he means that he should go here with Kareena's aunt and at the same time he said that there is no such thing here. Arjuna is different, Arjuna's nature is different and Arjuna's method is different to ease us and that is enough. It's quite bullshit. She will be seen saying all these things. 

When Kareena will say all these things here, then all of you viewers know her nature. His nature was already very hot towards Preeta and did not like it. Preeta will now get to see the same cheek that is here, so now it will happen here that all the family members of friends who are now will slowly move towards Arjuna. 

And on the other hand, if we talk about Preeta, then Preeta in her own sense will become whatever is in the biggest dilemma and after that whatever is there will be revealed. For now, friends want to tell this that Preeta will doubt Arjun and Rita is going to leave.

 Nowhere else but after reaching the house of Arjun Suryavanshi and Arjun Suryavanshi's house, she is about to find out who is this Arjun Suryavanshi? And what is its connection? Meaning and why am I feeling strange due to its coming again and again. He is going to find out what all these things are. Prayas Toh Yeh Am Hai will be shown to all of you viewers in the upcoming episodes.

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