Bhagya Lakshmi 10th September 2022 Tv Episode Written Update

Today Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 10th September 2022 Tv Episode Written Update, Bhagya Lakshmi 10th September 2022 Full Tv Episode Written Update

The biggest and darkest night of the past is about to come to the fore. In the upcoming episode, Bhagyalakshmi is going to completely slip the ground under Aahana's feet. 

Aana will get the biggest shock when Ahana will ask Neelam a truth about which Neelam is going to tell Aana and Ahana after knowing about her that the ground under her feet will slip away. 

Now what is going to say like this, let us tell you friends in a report. First of all I want to tell you in the upcoming episodes, friends, come in the upcoming episodes. I am going to ask such a thing relative to my father, about which I will ask Neelam.

 Now Neelam who is going to tell such a truth, after which Ahana will get a shock. Now what will happen here, then the real face of Neelam is the real motive, what is there in front of everyone will come to the fore and the real face of 

Neelam will be a bloody one and Neelam is the game of blood which has been played in the past too and When this creepy and this biggest meaning face of Neelam comes, then here Neelam's senses means that Neelam will be seen telling all these truths, then she will tell the truth and knowing all this truth of Sara, Ahana will feel it. 

The biggest blow now is how is it going to come here. How will she get justice for her father and at the same time how will she support Lakshmi now? Because to support Lakshmi, there is Ayush on one side and on the other side, what is here means the sage who is helping Lakshmi here. 

But want to tell you friends, here it is going to help here too. That means Aana also wants to help. Now here Neelam means you did your sister-in-law, so in this way the twist that is there will be shown to all of you viewers in Naagin Sod and so on. The story that is there with a lot of M's is going to go ahead and want to tell you one more thing. 

Friends and they have talked, then I want to tell you that now Laxmi and Rishi who are now out of jail, have become free and are enjoying a lot. My different person as well as where the sage is, is saying that if any bad shadow comes on you, I will have to pass through it. He seems to be saying this to all of them. 

Friends, the boss is the big turning point which all of you viewers will get to see. The story is going to be interesting in the upcoming episodes of Bhagyalakshmi.

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