Today Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Today Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Today Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 30th September 2022 Full Written Episode Updates

Today Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update

She came . Lakshmi got the biggest good news. Bell Sapphire welcomed his daughter-in-law Lakshmi with pomp, so now the sage took the charges on himself to save Lakshmi, the charges are also going to be completely removed, that is, 

now it will be proved in the court that Lakshmi and Rishi did not try to take the lives of innocent people and this was the whole plan of Malishka and at the same time here Lakshmi and Rishi are going to get the biggest reward because both of them are the birds of love who that they will not be able to lag behind each other. 

Because the fate of these two is linked together and the fate of both of them will bring them inside the house that is, yes, how will there be a bell in it, and how will Lakshmi be accused of so many and all the charges that she has to take on herself. Tried Rishi, all those allegations are going to be completely correct. Today we are going to tell you all these things in full detail. 

Want to tell you friends, in Bhagyalakshmi you will get to see that the topic is to save Lakshmi to eat. Sara takes all the blame on her head and takes it on her head, she tries to prove that it is because of me that millions of people who were innocent there, after eating that food. 

Whoever's life was in danger. This sage who is there tries to save Lakshmi but Lakshmi gets more angry and there is a lot to know here. A lot has to be understood because both of them love each other and accept this thing here, the lawyer and the judge.

Now after this you will get to see that the reporter sahib who is here is thru the reporter sahib. Now we are going to do something here, because of which now the truth that is there for everyone will come to the fore. 

Milk will become milk and water will become water and people here will be forced to think that how here Lakshmi from terrorists, if Lakshmi can save people from terrorists, then how can Lakshmi take someone else's life? Whatever this thing means, you will be forced to think about the meaning. 

The report was forced to think here, sir, but you will be compelled to think what the whole people are. After that the truth will come out. After this all the milk of milk and water of water which is there will be in Bhagyalakshmi and the biggest mode will come in the story. 

The biggest stop in the story is the one that is about to come which has completely changed the story. Friends, this big twist, big bang, will completely change the direction of the story, you will get to see all the viewers. In the upcoming episodes of Bhagyalakshmi, the story update is sounding great.

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