Today Episode Kumkum Bhagya 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Today Episode Kumkum Bhagya 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Today Episode Kumkum Bhagya 20th September 2022 Full Written Episode Update

Ranbir brought the seat's sister Megha with him as well as seeing Megha with Ranbir. Now here Riya and Aaliya's senses are going to be completely blown away. 

Riya and Aaliya are going to face the biggest setback where Megha is going to take the help of goons to completely silence her. Riya and Aaliya and the goons are also about to reach. 

What is going to happen in Kohli special in the upcoming episode, let us tell you friends in today's special report. In the upcoming episodes, first of all, friends want to tell you that in the upcoming banging episode, you will get to see that where Megha has reached the fear of fear. 
Here Kohli is there and goes to Ranbir and as soon as he is about to tell Ranveer, what is the milk of his brother only and Riya and Alia's black. Now want to tell you that Rhea and Alia who totally see Megha with Ranveer and here with the help of goons. 

Now those people who are threatening Megha by showing guns, due to which I want more rate but I am afraid but at the same time want to tell you friends Megha is scared but you will get to see that Ranveer who is he will understand that 

Megha who is afraid for some reason she is stuck in the problem so here Ranveer who is will fully fulfill the duty of being a brother and at the same time he is going to try to know that here But what happened to Megha? What happened to Megha? If he will try to know what this thing is, then you will get to see this too. 
Friends, Dida, who is soon going to run away from the jungle, is not going to run away from the clutches, 

but now she is going to come to Kohli House after running away from the clutches of kidnappers, so this is a big blast. All of you viewers will get to see what is in Kumkum Bhagya, so the story of the upcoming episode which is basically going to be more interesting. 

Friends, you will get to see all this in the upcoming episodes of the upcoming episodes. Now it will be interesting that how Sidhi and Prachi, who were about to get married, what they meant for their marriage. 
What is their marriage, will it stop and how? Whatever they are, they will be different from each other and Ranbir will marry Prachi and who is the seat here, how will he answer Riya and Alia here because she was harassed a lot, neither now nor now It will be more interesting to see how he will be answered. 

Friends, in the coming episodes, now you will see all the curtains open one by one. Bhagyalakshmi meaning is related to Kumkum Bhagya, along with this you will also get to see friends Daima is also going to make a shocking disclosure and many revelations will be seen happening. In the coming episodes, the story is making so much interesting sound.

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