Today Episode Kumkum Bhagya 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Today Episode Kumkum Bhagya 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Today Episode Kumkum Bhagya 24th September 2022 Full Written Episode Update

The truth of Prachi in the wedding pavilion will be known to Ranbir and Ranbir as well as all the family members will come to know that the child in Prachi's womb is not someone else's but Ranbir's. Ranveer's part is what is growing in Prachi's womb. 

But in such a situation, Prachi will insist on marrying Jo Hai Sir. Now here is totally Ranbir who will be completely broken emotionally. Now you again why did Prachi tell Ranbir that she wants to marry him. doesn't want to be with you. 

You will tell this to all the viewers. Friends, in today's special report. Special in the coming phases. First of all I want to tell you friends, you will get to see this in Kumkum Bhagya. The biggest trust will be seen by all of you viewers. 
And that would be the biggest test that now somehow the marriage which is going to happen Ranbir means that Prachi and Seat will not be able to get married. In such a situation, the complete truth which is there will come out. 

Who conspired Riya and Aaliya's Riya and Aaliya, here this is the thing that is to come, now this thing will happen, but what is there now Prachi will be more angry. Ranbir is now angry with Ranbir. Now his displeasure is somehow justified because Ranveer did not believe him. 

Believed the rest, believed the head. There was a lot of compulsion in the seat but believed in the seat and believed in my mother, believed in my father but Ranbir didn't believe in me, now this is the thing that must be eating too much somewhere. 
Friends don't want to tell anyone but you friends paratha and when the truth of Prachi will come out then the whole people who are here will be completely shaken and are going to ask but here Prachi who is not will not give and this thing Will be seen saying that I will not do it. 

I wouldn't do it at all. Ranbir ye yours has been going on like this from beginning to end and will continue like this to me and at the same time she will say that I cannot marry you. 

I can't live with you and I want to carry on life with what is with me, this seat is better than you. Whatever this thing is, it is going to be told and at the same time opening it will be seen speaking this thing. 
Friends and somewhere Prachi is in her place, it is absolutely right because Prachi is right to say so because here the rune Veer is seen in confused shin. Always neither he nor his discipline is on proper time, nor is his love whatever it means, the way it expresses itself, that is not love at all. 

So that's why Prachi will be seen asking all these questions to Ranveer and Ranveer who is he, realizing that he is completely at his mistake, realizing on his mistake, what he is going to ask with folded hands, then here from Prachi The big thing that is happening is coming out.

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