Today Episode Kundali Bhagya 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Today Episode Kundali Bhagya 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Today Episode Kundali Bhagya 20th September 2022 Full Written Episode Update
Arjun took out Suryavanshi Kavya from the vault and hugged her and she would have tears in her eyes after clinging to the chest and would say that Kavya, I am your father, you are my blood son and I will not let anything happen to you, 

where I will say all these things. But there will also be Rishabh. The whole family will be there and the whole family is going to reveal their identity in front of the people. Arjun Suryavanshi, what is going to happen, how will it happen? Let me tell you. We want to tell you about the upcoming episodes. Friends, in the coming episode, 

Arjun will reach Suryavanshi who is Rishabh's room and will see Kavya's birth certificate where he will see Kavya's birth certificate but what is the real truth of Kavya. She is not going to come in front of him. Now I want to tell you here before that Prithvi Malhotra will know what it is. 
Arjuna is the reason for this. Arjun Karan Arjun is the reason and is the husband of Papaya and at the same time Arjun Karan means that Arjun is the Karan, it is Vikas Ji, this thing will be known to Prithvi Malhotra. Along with this, 

now there is a completely emotional meaning here, whatever doubt has arisen in the mind of Arjun Suryavanshi, because whoever has landed here, he would like to keep this thing secret. The thing that is, 

it will not reveal that it is quite the real thing, after all, who would have meant to be revealed here, they will be saved, but there will definitely be doubts here. Arjun Suryavanshi will now be suspected of Arjun Suryavanshi and after that Kavya Luthra which will stop and only other reason can save Kavya. 
Which is the reason that he has died in front of all the Luthra family members. Because the locker in which Kavya Luthra is imprisoned. In the locker in which you have locked yourself while playing hide and seek, 

only Karan knew the code of doing that yes by doing that yes, so no one knows about doing Arjun here, so Arjun is the reason why he He will reveal what he means by entering the complete code, 

he will take whatever is there while doing his oil, now here is a question which is going on in Arjun's mind and he will be running this poetry Luthra, even if poetic The one who is Luthra is Rishab and the father who is they say that Rishabh and the father who is Luta, 
they say that he is the son of both of them. But here all the habits, all the things that are there, why do they get from me? And that same way of playing cricket, same way of catching the ball. Whatever these things are, the daughter-in-law meets me and I have not misunderstood me somewhere. Now to know this thing, 

he will get the report done, he can get it done and there is some hospitality, he can come. Now here Kavya Luthra is going to introduce the mother and the one who means the father. Now here is going to be very interesting. Friends, t

he story of the upcoming episode is going to be more interesting and there are going to be many explosions and many revelations. Before this, Prithvi Malhotra will come to know that what is the truth here, it will be more interesting to see what is there in today's special report, that's all friends

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