Today Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 14 october 2022 Written Episode Update

Today Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 14 october 2022 Written Episode Update, Today Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 14 october 2022 Full Written Episode Updates

Today Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 14 october 2022 Written Episode Update

Malishka is caught red-handed Lakshmi caught Malishka's theft and Laxmi does it completely Expose Malishka in front of the Oberoi family members as well as through the pen drive The truth is now going to come out. 

All of you viewers will get to see the biggest twist in the upcoming episode of Bhagyalakshmi. You will get to see such a twist for all the viewers which will change it as you all the viewers know. 

Friends, whatever is the pen drive in the Oberoi family, that pen drive has arrived, which is the pen drive through which Laxmi is going to prove Rishi's innocence and is not going to prove her innocence, but Lakshmi and Rishi's meeting is going to happen. 

And in such a situation, let me tell you friends, if Malishka does not completely disappear the pan drive, then the truth of that will also come to the fore because she had mixed poison in the food and this thing will also come in front of everyone.

 That Malishka who is wanted Lakshmi badly. Now this truth will come to the fore and now the pen drive here is in the Oberoi family because the hotel where this accident took place brings the stock of that hotel to Virendra. 

Now let us tell you that friends keep the pen drive they have. Virendra gets Arjun to do some work, because of which he puts the drive which is there on the table and wants to tell you here. Malishka first calls, she is here to call Balwinder and by calling Balwinder, she is telling the truth of the pan drive. 

Along with this, she also tries to steal the pen drive. Try but fails completely in that attempt to steal it. Friends, there is no one else here but Malishka catches Malishka red handed because Malishka is about to steal that only then she is going to disappear there. 

The family moves over there. Here Laxmi and Laxmi catch red handed and Lakshmi who is there, tells the truth in front of everyone that Malishka was trying to steal the drive and Malishka made such a big conspiracy in it and by driving Pind Drive, 

Malishka's truth which What is in front of everyone, she is going to tell everyone completely and at the same time tell you friends, the biggest twist will come here. The truth of Malishka, both of Balwinder and Manish will now be behind bars. 

This tap will be visible to all the viewers. In the upcoming banging episode Bhagyalakshmi as well want to tell you that now she will be seen here making Rishi realize. All the jailers are there and they will be seen saying that you have fallen in love with Lakshmi. Now here you will be seen speaking all these things. 

Now the feeling which is here is going to be fully permeated. Rishi will be released from jail like Rishi and he will first express his love to Laxmi, that too in full romantic style. So this trophy is going to be interesting.

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