Today Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 18th october 2022 Written Episode Update

Today Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 18th october 2022 Written Episode Update, Today Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 18th october 2022 Full Written Episode Updates

Today Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 18th october 2022 Written Episode Update

Well friends, the new head of Bhagyalakshmi is here with the update that we are going to come to Dussehra in the coming days in front of all of you viewers. Rishi and Laxmi are going to be more happy about each other but here is back in Rishi's life, the eldest Marrakesh Yes, 

Balwinder is about to return as the eldest Marrakesh and this time the market is none other than Balwinder. And Balwinder who is here to do the sage will make the sage completely unconscious here and will completely imprison the sage who is inside Ravana's stomach. 

Now how will Lakshmi save here, how Lakshmi is going to save what is here, you will tell the sage here and how good will win over evil here. Friends, in today's special report.

First of all special would like to tell to all the viewers in the upcoming episodes. Friends, in the upcoming bang episode, you will get to see that in the promo, all the viewers will be seeing that Lakshmi and Rishi who are more happy and well dressed than each other to celebrate Dussehra. Simultaneously then Balwinder reaches where he is in Dussehra ground and after reaching Dussehra ground. 

Here Balwinder and his man are completely unconscious here. The sage and the sage are completely imprisoned. Not anywhere else here, but inside the stomach of Ravana, all of you viewers will get to see these things. 

On the other hand, when Lakshmi sees that the sage who is there is nowhere near, then the heart of Lakshmi who is there is completely seated and Lakshmi is asking the whole family that Lakshmi is asking whether you have found the sage somewhere. 

Saw you saw the sage somewhere, everyone says that after what we saw somewhere, Lakshmi's heart is very much seated because Lakshmi realizes that the life of the sage here is in danger. 

Now it is known that the life of the sage is in danger, but they do not realize that where the sage is and because of what the life of the sage is in danger. So now it will be more interesting to see here. 

Friends, how Laxmi finds who is Rishi and how Jo is Lakshmi saves Rishi's life because this is a big tryst, all of you viewers will get to see the story of Laxmi in the upcoming episodes. Sounds very interesting.

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