Mercedes-Benz C300d - All The Car You Ever Need! | Review | 2022

Diesel. Dirty word? Misunderstood? Or still something that can give joy? We drive the Mercedes-Benz C300d to find out if this range topper C-Class disappoints or is all the car you ever need. Will its diesel engine make Cyrus a diesel-head again?

Mercedes-Benz C300d - All The Car You Ever Need! | Review | 2022

diesel it seems to be the new dirty word in this new Aid Society we live in ban it stop it don't buy it especially when you're talking about a board on diesel cleaner greener than ever before more 

powerful than ever before and still as stocky as anything you can ever throw at it there was a time where diesels were the solution they were the answer but today may be not so much is there still some magic left well we thought we'd look into the future 

with the Mercedes-Benz c300d made very clearly possible by today's sponsor Zeiss drive safe lenses coincidence a German car and a German sponsor big German diesel sedans oh I missed this feeling of never-ending dog give me more 

this thing has 265 horsepower 550 newton meters of stock it does 0-100 in under six seconds and you know what was this quick few years ago the original Honda NSX the Lamborghini Countach the R32 GTR and even Toyota Supras and this is a sedate normal to be driven every day C-Class a C-Class diesel there is no real reason for this car to exist but it does and 

you know that is because Mercedes-Benz is still one of the absolute last standing bastions of diesel superiority they haven't given up on the diesel engine they haven't given up on engineering and we hope the diesel engine stays for a while and even if it doesn't stuff like this he's just such a great swan song to go out on isn't it there is a level of sheer optimization in this package that makes it perfect firstly it looks epic those AMG inspired bumpers and those 

Wheels oh those Wheels every time I look at them I need a box of tissues to wipe the drool of my face I think they're one of the best looking wheels in the markettoday from any OEM period and you know what it looks like it looks like a baby C63 and that alone is a reason to bite and it's got this new Fantastic New Age interior it handles like a dream the balance is just right and of course rear-wheel drive so far an enthusiasts well that says optimized as it can get and it's basically the same with our partners for today's Text size drive safe lenses 

are optimized specially for driving these lenses help you enjoy better Vision at night or in difficult weather conditions protect your eyes from Reflections and make it easier for you to shift your viewing Focus quickly and often the optimum extra safety feature from your everyday pair of glasses you push me you know as long as cars like this exist there will always 

be enthusiasts who will want to buy them if they want to buy them they'll talk about itincessantly long enough for people around them to actually go and consider buying one and when those people actually buy them manufacturers like Mercedes will 

keep making them it's like a big round circle of continuous events a continuous set of events that I'm glad exists because it's them that we get gems like this and the predecessors of course the w205 c300d and the w204 c250d AMG Sport now that brings back some burnout inducing memories for every single one of these that I just spoke about 

I would personally put my money where my mouse is you know one of my favorite songs in the world goes I'm sorry that this sounds completely off tone but it goes I can see clearly now the rain has gone yeah that's sounding horrible but there are two things that are crystal clear first of course I can see extremely clear with my my lovely 

Zeiss drive safe lenses but the second thing that's Crystal Clear is the future of this car it might be a niche to some and maybe they're not going to sell a lot but this is a little bit more than that this car is the gatekeeper for the diesel performance world a world that's small but a world that I'm glad still exists

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