8 Best Shawls To Pick For Winter 2020

Shawls are the most stylish winter clothing that can be worn with literally just about anything all throughout the season.

8 Best Shawls To Pick For Winter 2020

If you have always been told stories of your mother's heirloom shawl that has been passed down to her from many generations then you're not the only one. Shawls have always held a special place in our hearts especially for its timeless appeal. The reason why most shawls survive the test of time is the techniques with which they are made that never seem to fade away. 

Whether they're special Pashmina shawls or woolen shawls that are equally fashionable, a shawl is meant to keep you warm and so it truly does. While they can simply be wrapped around to keep you warm, shawls are in fact super easy to style and the best part being how versatile they are; not just women, but men can wear it too and in so many different ways. Here are some of the best shawls we found for you that define sophistication like none other.

Swirlster Picks Shawls For You

Whether you're buying shawls for yourself or one to gift to your loved ones, these shawls are hard to look away from.

1. Pashtush Women's Kaani Design

A floral patterned shawl like this is beautiful in every sense of the way. The shawl is made of pure bamboo fiber and features elegant floral designs on a white backdrop that bring out the colourful designs.

2. Tweedle Women's Self Design Woven Multicolored Palla

We love a minimal shawl like this one which is in a neutral shade but has a multicoloured palla that accentuates the beauty of the shawl. The shawl is made of faux Pashmina which is super lightweight yet warm to go with most outfits.

3. Weavers Villa Women's Wool Blend Shawl

One of the most interesting feature of most shawls are the beautiful embroidery work done on it like this shawl featuring a matka threadwork. The intricate designs stand out in black and also has pretty tassels at the end all while ensuring the woolen blend shawl keeps you warm during the winter

4. Romano NX Pashmina Shawl For Women

Pure Pashminas are an expensive investment but surely an investment indeed. Pashmina shawls are a heritage piece due to the technique and authenticity of the fabric making them an expensive piece of clothing.

5. WEAVERS MAGIC Floral Self Cutting Women's Shawl

One of the reasons that florals are in fact perfect for winters as well is because we see so many of these designs on shawls as well. A shawl should be as much a stylish affair as it is easy to wrap one and this shawl sure tick all the right boxes.

6. Exotic India Women's Garnet Pure Woolen Shawl

Kashmiri shawls are one of the finest in the country and are no doubt worthy to be added to your collection. This shawl has beautiful embroidery done in box-like patterns which is perfect for any occasion.

7. The Pheran Pashmina-Semi Handowork Sea Green Shawl

Pashmina shawls in different qualities and colours and this unique coloured shawl definitely has our heart. The traditional shawl has a contemporary appeal just because of its gorgeous colour.

8. Pashmoda- Women's Kaani Wool Shawl

We're in shawl heaven when we see colourful shawls in exquisite patterns. A shawl like this is not just lightweight but also stylish to own and gift as well.