Bhumi Channels Pednekar Major Boss Lady Vibes In The Beautiful Bustier

Bhumi Pednekar is all excited about the avatar lady avatar with the release of her upcoming film, Durgamati.

 Bhumi Channels Pednekar Major Boss Lady Vibes In The Beautiful Bustier

Fashion trends come and go but some styles cling to us much longer than others. One of our favorite trends is to pair your shirts with layers of tubes, dresses and bralettes. Bhumi Pednekar did the same with the bustier top and shirt from Saaksha & Kinni wearing a black body dress with a wound on the side to enhance his film Durgamat. 

If you have a dress or top you are not as comfortable to wear as it is, adding a shirt is a great idea to keep you in line with your confidence to wear anything. Honestly, this is a stylish take on a complex look like Bhumi Pednekar did here. The heels of the black pitch were all she needed to complete her look with the big lady channel vibrating in her wardrobe.

Bhumi Pednekar gives a new meaning to athletics with a good short sequence with colorful leopard designs and combines it with sneakers that incorporate looks. Shorts and blazer look definitely make this a straightforward choice for many of us. If making a style of meeting to look cool without effort is so easy, why not try again?

Speaking of integration sets, one peachy has never hurt anyone, has it? It seems that Bhumi Pednekar also believes. Bhumi Pednekar is a great combination of 'peaches and cream' on a set of good combinations that takes us back to the days we missed. A meeting set can do wonders whether you're going to a party, during the day or just hanging out with your friends making sure you're the most stylish of them all.