From Alia Bhatt to Kiara Advani: How to wear thigh high heels

01 How to wear thigh-high boots in style

 From Alia Bhatt to Kiara Advani: How to wear thigh high heels

Thigh high boots were one of the most popular winter styles that could easily add fringe to your outfit. That’s one piece you should invest in this season if you want to enhance your outfit and make yourself a glam goddess. Here is a celeb-approved guide to install high heel boots in your closet easily!

02/6 Sara Ali Khan

The actress simply teased us about the fashionable look. She paired her high-rise boots with a short pink jacket with geometric patterns and black shorts.


03 Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka has an endless love for boots! The actress paired her long white pull with a cream-colored jacket and high-heeled snake patterns. With these boots, she wore white socks, adding a touch of winter!

04 Alia Bhatt

The good thing about black is that you can wear anything! Take Alia, who was seen wearing black-colored boots reaching to her thigh and wearing a blazer fashion.

05 Kiara Advani

The long white jersey paired with shorts worn by Kiara is a winter underwear to try out for this party season. The real game changer in this dress is her high heel red thigh shoes. With these statement shoes, she has added a quick color to her monotone outfit.

06 Sonakshi Sinha

The trend of monochromatic clothing was taking its toll and Sonakshi completely kills her look! The actress was seen wearing a denim jacket, branding it as a shoe of the same fabric.