Getting a permanent makeover is the latest beauty trend this season

If you have always dreamed of having pink lips, a permanent cat look or a well-groomed look, getting a permanent or permanent treatment is the best choice. 

 Getting a permanent makeover is the latest beauty trend this season

This option has been the focus of attention all over the world, bringing out the perfect solution to beauty, while keeping those precious moments of preparation, hard work, every day. For all those who want to get the best look for #iwokeuplikethis, go around skin and watch clinics and professionals are ready to offer a lasting solution.


A permanent architect from Mumbai, Shagun Gupta, sheds further light on the subject. "These days, with permanent and permanent treatments, BB, CC shining all over India. Not only that, permanent lips and cheeks are also needed this season to light up the green winter," he said.

Historically, it is believed that the concept was first recorded in 1902 in London. The history of permanent construction is old all over the world, the Indians are gradually embracing this new form of art. India is said to have begun in the late 19th century.

Commenting briefly on this issue and the growing global demand, Shagun states, "Endless color change of dermis means the production of tattoos such as natural features of the lips, eyelids, eyebrows and more and BB light and CC light is a strong treatment the skin is brighter and more balanced.

Although it is a popular practice, experts in the industry face a number of challenges in the new phase. "When it comes to something permanent, customers sometimes get the idea even though they know the consequences. As this concept is not widely known in the country at the moment, there is a lack of information about the processes involved. I have pledged to disseminate more information on this section of the .