Kareena Kapoor Kills Pink Lipstick Celebrity Makeup Monday With Kajal

Promoting make-up on Monday doesn’t get any better than when Kareena Kapoor got her light

 Kareena Kapoor Kills Pink Lipstick Celebrity Makeup Monday With Kajal

Even the youngest makeup wearers can agree that the kajal side of the eyes and the application of brightly colored lipstick are almost all that is needed to enhance one's appearance and persistence, their moods and date. Kareena Kapoor seems to agree. As soon as we find out that this has been Monday-est Monday in a long, long time; 

the star turned out to be our afternoon with the celebrities who photographed it. Recording it, "Pink in Palampur", Kareena has given us the closure of her look which had pink lipstick, a black kajal covering her eyes and a bright complexion. The art promotion on Monday is no better than this.

With a commemorative message covering Saif Ali Khan without him, we couldn’t take our eyes off Kareena who set herself amazing cosmetic goals with her jet black eyeliner finished in a winged style while keeping all her makeup looking muted.


Another stellar staple food that is often seen is the beautiful red pout that pairs easily with jeans and T-shirts or dresses and heels in a spectacular way.

Setting the most powerful light targets was for the mother to deal with defined eyebrows, black eyeliner, polished cheeks and nude lip tones.

She also knew how to play it bright and beautiful, such as when she wore jet black smokey eye makeup with straight poker hair and neutral tone lips around us.