Manushi Chhillar Goes Sporty Orange And Black Game With Boxer Braids

Manushi Chhillar gives us a strong motivation for being strong on the fashion side

 Manushi Chhillar Goes Sporty Orange And Black Game With Boxer Braids

As we stand at the start of a new week, looking forward requires a lot of motivation. Luckily, some Bollywood celebrities are doing amazingly well. Today, it was Manushi Chhillar who fit the bill and gave us the impetus to be strong in terms of fashion. To celebrate the launch of the Adidas X Karlie Kloss collection, Manushi took a look at the running in orange and black tones. Her black sports bras and sneakers found a bright color with tangerine track pants and boxer belts on her hair.

But that is not all. She also allowed a strong combination of comparisons to do more when she wore a bright orange jacket like an athlete’s dress paired over her sports bra. How did that come about with a strong motivation this week?


Putting aside the strong flair he uses today, Manushi has been inclined to it for years. The time he ran on the beach wearing a black and white Adidas sports bra with short stripes and track pants in green sneakers made us want to turn the sea into our gym.

And even though she’s out of her job of dressing up and getting back to chic, so is finesse as Manushi looks like a million dollars wearing a black and white strap and a skirt with colored sunglasses asking to be worn on a beach holiday.

A new day needed another flowing dress. This time you played a blocked number of colors that we would like to pack in our holiday outfits, complete with bare feet and twisted locks.