Orange is a panacea for hair in winter, learn how to use to reduce hair fall

Hair Care Tips in Winter: Hair loses its moisture in this season, which makes it look lifeless and dry. Orange is also effective in getting rid of it.

Hair fall treatment: In winter, not only health, skin and hair problems also make many people worried. Dryness increases in this season, hair starts eating its nutrition amidst dry and cool air. Not only this, dehydration in hair also increases in winter due to which many people start to break their hair. At the same time, experts believe that in the cold months, metabolism of people becomes irregular, due to which people may complain of hair fall. In such a situation, the use of orange is considered beneficial. Let's know how -


Orange peels are of great use: People often throw their peels after eating oranges. But it is said to be very beneficial for hair. Like orange fruit, vitamin C is also found in abundance. Also, the ingredients found in it are also helpful in keeping the hair clean. It is helpful in removing many hair problems.

The problem of hair fall will be overcome: Orange is full of anti-oxidants and many other nutrients. All these essential elements make hair stronger. They are less likely to break down due to nutrition. At the same time, anti-oxidants reduce free radicals that do not cause hair damage and do not break hair. It also contains Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E which is helpful in promoting hair growth.

Dandruff will be away: In winter, the problem of dandruff in hair also increases, orange is also effective in getting rid of it. Oranges contain cleansing elements that remove the dirt present in the hair. If you want, you can use a little orange juice or peel powder mixed in your hair oil.

Brightness will come in hair: In this season, hair loses its moisture, due to which it starts to look lifeless and rough. Orange proves effective in getting rid of it. Besides nourishing, orange is also helpful in keeping hair clean, which keeps scalps healthy. This improves hair color and makes them soft and shiny.