Self Make up tips for pandemic weddings

Beauty may lie to the observer but there is little controversy when it comes to the Indian marriage industry and the resilience shown in times of the COVID-19 crisis. 

 Self Make up tips for pandemic weddings

Beauty and form is an integral part of India’s largest fat weddings and has faced the wrath of COVID-19, where businessmen and brokers have been forced to shut down and the industry as a whole is seeing change. 

But as we say, the show has to go on, the global beauty industry has adapted to the changing conditions during the epidemic and people are back in the salons, which is a great part - the brides are back!

Also, if you are a lockdown bride, who is set to do her wedding make-up, be sure to follow the following tips while making your make-up.

Doing make-up requires long-term physical contact. Here are some ways in which you can stay safe.


- Wear a face mask that covers the mouth and nose at all times during the appointment

-Make sure your makeup artist cleans makeup products and brushes / applicants with 70% Isopropyl-alcohol. The cleaning spray should also be sprayed on the lips and brushes before they are wiped.

-Brushes should clean stains before each makeup session by filling the bristles in a brush cleaner and spraying them with alcohol afterwards.

-If you do makeup at home, thoroughly clean your brushes by soaking them in tea tree oil and baking soda after a thorough cleaning.

-Keep a separate bag for clean brushes and one of your dirty / used brushes

-Always use disposable agents because double dipping is not clean and can contaminate the whole product.

-If you visit a well-known salon, you can take your mascara, pencils and lipstick. Or, ask the artist to use a disposable mascara stick and not focus twice

-Lipstick and glosses should be placed on the palette using a spatula and applied with a brush.

There is no suspension of Indian marriage. Big and fat or small and small, Indian wedding ceremonies are here to stay.