Why slugging is a softer practice mentioned

The winter is over. It is a time when the skin tends to dry out more than usual, and in some cases, it becomes softer. There is a trend that meets social media influencers and beauticians who can help. It’s called ‘slugging’ and gets its name from a slide given to slugs. But wait, nowhere near that. Part of the Korean custom of skin care, slugging is said to leave your skin looking plumper and soft.

 Why slugging is a softer practice mentioned

It's about you

There is no good preparation for this. It's as simple as reaching for a bottle of petroleum jelly and putting a little on your face just before you stop sleeping. You sleep in it and wash it the next morning. The jelly acts as a sealant, prevents any moisture loss to the skin and is said to leave it looking soft. Experts also introduced flipside to it. As well as acting as a barrier to prevent any moisture from escaping, closing the locks on any dirt or sweat on the skin, leading to the risk of acne and breakouts.

Be careful! Do not try if you have oily or acne skin and any more common skin problems. Also, consult your dermatologist before you start.