Winter weight loss: 7 extra nutritious foods to buy

Fiber-Rich Foods: Fiber takes time to decompose, and as a result, you feel full for a long time. This prevents you from eating unhealthy foods

 Winter weight loss: 7 extra nutritious foods to buy

Winter has arrived and it is a common perception that we tend to gain weight in winter compared to summer. According to research, published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, cold winter days make us overweight, and this can lead to weight gain. So what are you doing? You can try to hide the fat under your sweatshirts full of bags, or get up and do something about it. 


There are many fiber-rich foods you can add to your diet this season. Why fiber, you ask? Because fiber takes time to decompose, as a result, you feel full longer. This prevents you from eating unhealthy snacks and prevents unnecessary overload of calories. Fiber also adds bulk to the cell and regulates digestion. Digesting a healthy diet is the key to sustainable weight loss.

Foods High in Winter Weight Loss:

1. Seedling: A plant or mooli is a storehouse of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and much more. To produce all the benefits of vegetables, it is best to eat them raw.

2. Guava: A delicious, gentle and sour guava is all around us right now and these high-quality foods can do wonders for weight loss and diabetes management due to its high fiber content.

3. Carrot: No, you don't have to use all the carrots to make a halwa gajar, putting some salads, soups, smoothies and juices would be a good idea if you want to lose weight this season.

4. Methi leaves: Methi leaves or fenugreek leaves are very popular because of their spicy taste and can be used in winter preparations such as cheela methi, methi paratha and methi muthia.

5. Beetroot: These red ruby ​​vegetables are good not only for weight loss but also for your heart. The high levels of potassium found in beetroot can help control high blood pressure.

6.Mustard Greens: Winter without saar sarso does not feel like winter. Here is the same delish recipe, combine it with the new makki ki roti and enjoy it.

7. Apples: Apples are available all year round, but those with a deep red scent are only available in winter and we suggest that you put them away too much to lose those extra pounds.